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30 Episodes TV Series "I Am the Sun"

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30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series
Products NameI Am the Sun
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeArmy
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45mins
Film DirectorAnjian
Script WriterDuliang
Cast ListLiu Peiqi, Wang Yajie, Li Youbin
Dialogue LanguageMandarin
Title LanguageChinese

This TV series tells us a touching story about a couple Guan Shanlin and Wuyun in the years of revolution in China.

After the success of anti-Japan war, Guan Shanlin, 36 years old, commander of an independent brigade, engaged an 18 years beautiful girl Wuyun introduced by the head of political department in the army. Actually, he did not know before the ceremony. Wuyun knew it also after taking part in the army. It was the officer decided her marriage and her husband was 18 years elder than her. She did not complain but accepted the fact and tried to love her husband with a whole heart, because it was a holly promise. Facing war, difficulties and starvation, they stayed together and defeated all the tribulations bravely.

Then they stepped into the flourishing new world. However, when they planed to enjoy their old ages together, a traffic accident broke the beautiful dream. Wuyun became persist vegetative state over a night. At these suffering days, Guan Shanlin took care of Wuyun and asked her to rise as the sun. Hearing his words, a tear shone on Wuyun’s face.

“I Am the Sun’ taught us the real meaning of being a soldier, of being a man in the world. It must be a popular story shocking people’s souls. The sun is an everlasting star even it rises and falls everyday, but when the dawn comes, the sun will certainly rise and bring warmth and light to the earth.



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