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A Promising Flash Works- Kaka Family

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A Promising Flash Works- Kaka FamilyA Promising Flash Works- Kaka FamilyA Promising Flash Works- Kaka FamilyA Promising Flash Works- Kaka FamilyA Promising Flash Works- Kaka Family
Products NameKaka
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFLASH

We are from Kaka family; our names are Kaka, Yaya, Gugu, Wuwu, Dudu and Lulu. We are all a kind of animals living in the blue sea-octopuses! Aha, don’t you see? We are smart, cute and are strongly adaptable to new surroundings. We have gritty personalities, strong vitality, and soft bodies with good flexibility. We can survive and multiply in the blue sea depending on the transcendental ability to imitate and accurate skill of capturing.However, on one night of June, 2003, our family touched a cable extended under the blue sea incautiously. As a result, it is lucky for us to enter the information world of human being and never go back to the sea. But never mind, we are naturally optimists. Taking things as they come is our nature. Depending on the super adaptability, we have made a lot of friends in the sea of information quickly. We are happy for people all like us, including our pureness and freshness, our health and vivacity. Owing to so many people’s favor and concern, you can see us everywhere, including TV, Internet, Newspaper, book and other media.


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