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Super PRO Plus Provided By CHIMERA

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Super PRO Plus Provided By CHIMERA
DemandNameSuper PRO Plus
TypeSuper PRO Bank

This is CHIMERA's 'First-String Team'. The CHIMERA Super PRO Bank outshines them all with outstanding features which include: a removable, recessed front screen that helps control lens flare and fall-off, a large, hook & loop-sealed rear opening that will accommodate up to three strobe heads, and full compatibility with every accessory in the Chimera family (Honeycomb Grids, fabric grids, louvers, and Barn Doors).

Removal of the screen enables access to the Lightbank's interior and the choice of three densities of diffusion screen: the standard Chimera Cloth front screen (which is supplied) and two (optional accessory) lighter grid cloth screens. Color correction screens with gels laminated to Chimera screen fabric also can be used. This wide selection of front screens allows fine-tuning of light quality, transmission, and color.

There are five sizes of Chimera Super PRO Bank in rectangular 3:4 front screen proportions. Choose between silver interior walls (slightly more specular) or white (a little softer). Chimera's Super PRO system offers natural, window-like lighting that's controllable and perfect for your subjects.


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