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HD Flim Series "The Human Lantern"

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HD Flim Series HD Flim Series
Film Title"The Human Lantern"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorPoom Man Kit, Chu Yui Pan
Cast ListLau Ka Fai, Man Chung Han, Cheung Chi Lam, Zhao Ke, Xie Ge, Yang Lin, Peng Bo
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

Sheriff He was after lady Feng, and so he gave her an antique lantern as present.

Recently, Sheriff He noticed there were a lot of cases of missing husbands, and all the husbands were surnamed Song. Postman Ma asked Li if she was interested in investing these cases, but Li suddenly had a strong desire to go to town to eat meat buns. The elegant Madam Nan Gong stopped over at the station for the night. She told Lady Feng that, ten years ago, she was abandoned by her husband Han who was a general, Lady Feng was shocked as Han was a colleague of her husband's and they died together in the battlefield a lone time ago. Madam Nan Gong took out Han's last letter to her which said he had become a deserter and had fallen in love with someone else, and asked her not wait for him. She always dreamed of her husband coming back to her with remorse. With a hunch, she came to the Post, and she believed that her husband was waiting for her somewhere...

Sheriff He found out that the last missing husband surnamed Song was last seen at the Little Spring Bun Shop. When he went there, the Sheriff could not find the lady owner of the shop, Zhou, but saw a pile of bones covered with blood. They realized that the shop was selling buns with human flesh! Zhou went to the Post and told Lady Feng a story from her past...

Years ago, Zhou and Han concealed their names and identities and came to the ancient town of Crescent Moon, and opened a shop selling buns. She was deeply in love with him, but he was always troubled by his conscience as a deserter. He wanted to turn himself in, but she was unwilling to let him go and killed him by accident. At that time, Han had changed his name to Song. That was why she hated all men named Song. She wanted to kill them all, and then she minced their meat to make buns. Everyone was shocked. A green light was shimmering from the lantern in lady Feng's room. That was the lantern made by Zhou, with Han's crown bone from his skull as the lantern base, and his skin as the shade.



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