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Hong Kong Film "My Wife Can Fight"

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Hong Kong Film
Film Title"My Wife Can Fight"
Production CountryHong Kong,China
ThemeRomance/Arts, Youth Idol
Episode Length107 min
Film DirectorManny Luk
Cast ListMai Jiaqi, Liang Zheng
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese

He Lizhu, the granddaughter of White Crane Group’s headmaster, studied the Kung Fu from very young. She had jobs in the factory when she was 17. At that time, she felt that Kung Fu was useless for her. She married a fisher Chen huosheng when she was 20. huosheng managed a sea food shop in the fish village. He would not like Lizhu to advocate the kung Fu. Lizhu had married with Huosheng for 8 years and they always lived happily. However, one day, something happened…

Every afternoon, Huosheng drank tea and chatted with his friends. Someday, the rich merchant Yang Yifeng rushed on the way as his nephew plot against him. Feng hid into the sea food shop of Lizhu, which raised the sense of protection of Lizhu. She defeated all the hatchet men. Yifeng appreciated her a lot. Four days later, Yifeng invited Lizhu to meet. In fact Yifeng was the biggest sea food merachant of the local. He lost his wife in the early years, having no children. He long to have Lizhu as the daughter in law but was refused by Lizhu. The second night, it was the birthday of Chen Huosheng. The couple and friends were very gay. However, Lizhu received a call to hurry to the hospital. When she arrived she saw that the doctors were saving Yifeng. Before Yifeng died, he passed all his right to Lizhu. Jingnian was fury a lot when hearing the news. He ordered his fellows to investigate Lizhu.

Lizhu became the leader of sea food whole sale group but said nothing to Huosheng. Huosheng found that her phones rang all the day and even some men often talk with her. Huosheng would like to check the truth but was regarded as the enemy of Lizhu wrongly by her group. There was the crack from then on. Meanwhile, Huosheng met a nice and pure lady, Bingxin.

Huosheng had new love, being not nervous and occupied to Lizhu. Both of the couple had secrets in their minds respectively. At this time, Bingxin told Huosheng that she was pregnant which made him depressed and puzzled as he was still affected to Lizhu. In fact, Jingnian took advantage of Bingxin to control Huosheng in order to dorce Lizhu to hand in the total right to Jingnian. As Bingxin got that Jingnian hadn’t been in love with Bingxin for years, Jingnian was afraid that Bingxin may destroy the plan and want to kill her. Thanks for the help of Lizhu, they had defeated Jingnian. Lizhu knew that the lover of Huosheng was Bingxin, she was so melancholy. How will the triangle love finish?



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