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30 Episodes TV Series 'It Well Be Difficult to Love'

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30 Episodes TV Series 'It Well Be Difficult to Love'30 Episodes TV Series 'It Well Be Difficult to Love'30 Episodes TV Series 'It Well Be Difficult to Love'30 Episodes TV Series 'It Well Be Difficult to Love'30 Episodes TV Series 'It Well Be Difficult to Love'
Products Name'It Well Be Difficult to Love'
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeLove, Family
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorLuo Changan
Script WriterTao Ke, Wang Luo, He Ruirui, Zheng Xiaoyang
Cast ListZhang Guoli, Chen Xiaoyi, Tan Yang, Chang Cheng
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Completed Date2007

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Lin Daming, an editor in his middle age, sent his wife to the hospital for her illness emergency.

Li Wenda, the president of a real estate company, fell into coma by a traffic accident. His wife, Ye Li rushed to the hospital.

The accident of the two families made Ye and Lin met in the hospital and told the family stories to each other. Lin’s wife died in the hospital. The book seller came to the hospital and made Lin signed the contract in a hurry. For the mistake in the contract, Lin lost his job. Facing the old mother-in-law and his mental-disabled son, Lin felt the great pressure than ever.

To comfort the family, Ye Li accepted the decision of her father-in-law and became president of the real estate company. And she achieved esteem and confidence in business with the help of her friends and staff.

Li Wenxiu, the brother of Li Wenda, came back for debt of gambling. And he cheated his father and Ye. They forgave his stealing of the capital from the family. They even gave him a position in the company. But Li Wenxiu only wanted to grab some money from the company and pay for his gambling debt. Shu Fan found his plan and began to fight him.

Lin Daming found a job in the nightclub as a security guard. He saved Yezi,the daughter of Ye Li. And Ye Li asked Lin Daming to help Yezi for her study. Yezi tried to fire Lin Daming, but she was finally convinced by his moral standing.

Occasionally, Lin Daming became driver of Ye Li. It began a long time for them to meet everyday,and Ye Li got some support from Lin Daming. But Lin Daming has no time to think about his feeling and even resisted the love from Liu Xiner, a beautiful assistant of his before.

Li Wenxiu caused a series of trouble in the company and Shu Fan stood to protect Ye Li. Ye Li was drunk for the heavy burden. Their talk made Lin Daming feel the pains and tenderness of Ye Li. Sympathy caused some delicate change in his feeling to Ye Li...



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