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Film "Inside Story of Shanghai"

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Film Title"Inside Story of Shanghai"
Production CountryChina
Themeaction, social life
Episode Volume1
Episode Length91 min 19 sec
Film DirectorXue Yandong
Script WriterZhao Junmei, Li Yucun
Cast ListTian Chun,Cao Peichang,Liu Weihua
Completed Date1990

In Shanghai in the 1920s, master of the Axe Gang Bi Shixiao wanted to occupy a silk factory, therefore he led his men invaded into the family of You Xiang boss of the silk factory and killed him cruelly. The eldest son of the family You Tianhong escaped, while the second son You Tianlang was on the point of dying. And the adopted son You Tianyun was caught by Bi Shixiao. Suddenly, Bi Shixiao found that there were three red birthmarks in the neck of Tianyun and recognized that Tianyun was the son of him and prostitute Yuzhi. But he did not speak out this secret just left Tianyun to be his servant. Years later, Tianhong who had been a communist returned to Shanghai to organize labor movement, and the survived Tianlang also came back to Shanghai to revenge Bi Shixiao. One day, Tianlang tailed after Bi Shixiao to temple fair and then took out a gun to shot at him. While Tianyu accidentally saved Bi Shixiao. Bi thought that Tianyun kindly saved himself and wanted to adopt Tianyun to be his son. At the same time, Huang Jinrong and Bi Shixiao were secretly planning to kill You Tianhong. Heard of this, Tianyun handed in a letter that Tianhong invited him to have a meeting to Bi Shixiao. Then Tianhong was besieged by killers of Axe Gang. Just at this dangerous moment, a big fellow came and saved him out. It was found that the big fellow was sent to save Tianhong by Tianyun. Tianlang went to assassinate Bi Shixiao but failed and was killed. Tianyun poisoned Bi Shixiao to death. But until he was clearing up the relics of Bi Shixiao, did he find that Bi Shixiao was his father. With pain and sorrow, Tianyun decided to revive his family. At last, You Tianyun and Huang Jinrong both took part in the counter-revolutionary coup of April 12 in 1927, and Huang Jinrong took the chance to destroy the whole Axe Gang. You Tianyun suicide in despair and agony...



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