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TV Column About Chinese Foodedge "Chinese Food Program"

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TV Column About Chinese Foodedge  TV Column About Chinese Foodedge  TV Column About Chinese Foodedge  TV Column About Chinese Foodedge  TV Column About Chinese Foodedge
Products Name"Chinese Food Program"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeTourism/Food
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Start Date2009

The Chinese Food Program is one of the largest and most professional food programs in Asia. It broadcasts the excellent and exquisite food shows, such as "The Delicacies on the Silk Road", a join-program with Gourmand Television, and "Walking Chopsticks". Both of them have received professionals' high comments and won TV viewers' love. The program aims at carrying forward the extensive and profound Chinese long historical food culture, bearing the magnificent and incomparable essence of Chinese culture, implying the proper way to eat and borderless essence of diet, and showing fashionable, professional, and nutritious culture feast.

Homemade Food Category,

Foodedge Gourmet Series- Pastry Gourmet

Foodedge Gourmet Series- Dining in Shandong

Foodedge Gourmet Series- Love Delicacies

Foodedge Gourmet Series- Eggs’ World

Foodedge Gourmet Series-Xiao Pang’s Gourmet Diary

Foodedge Gourmet Series- Super Daddy’ s Kitchen

Food and Culture Category

The Delicacies on the Silk Road

Yvan in China

Cuisine Books Bar

Cyber Foodies

Professional Cuisine Category

Food Culture Express

Man-Han Style Banquet

Food Industry Elites - The 50 Chinese influencing China's Catering Industry

China’s Top Chefs

Chinese Food Lecture-Leaders of The Eight Major Cuisine Talking about Chinese Food

Chinese Food Lecture- Food Carving

Chinese Food Lecture- Sugar Arts

The New Man-Han Style Banquet -The Top Kitchen>

Great Wines Around World



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