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24 Episode TV Series "Dancing with Mask"

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24 Episode TV Series 24 Episode TV Series 24 Episode TV Series 24 Episode TV Series 24 Episode TV Series
Products Name"Dancing with Mask"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeRomance, Thrill
Episode Volume24
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorZhou Li
Script WriterFan Xiaoyuan
Cast ListNie Yuan, Shi Lin, Wang Yuanke
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2008

Who did that? Who is playing a trick? Suo Na feels tired. Then a female lawyer Xin Ran comes into his life, Xin Ran tries to take care of him, at the same time, Yi Fan's crazy makes him appreciated. He asks himself who he loves best, Yi fan, Xin Ran or his former wife Su Mei? Behind the lawsuit and homicide case, whose mask it is?

Treasury of the Bank was robbed and millions of dollars disappeared. The mysterious girl is waiting for her lover, but she didn't aware that the danger is coming to her from his lover and another evil girl

Lightning flashing across the dark sky, just in one night, the plastic surgeon Suo Na can not know him self.

A sylphlike girl Yi Fan breaks into Suo Na's life, she loves Suo Na crazy. This makes Suo Na's wife Su Mei very angry, their relationship was not good before, now it nearly come to breakdown,

The billionaire Wei Mingshu sues his wife Han Sirui into the court for a reason of business trick. What makes Wei angry is that Han concealed the fact that she had a cosmetic surgery seven years ago. Han didn't know what conquers her husband, her beauty or her Virtue…. Her doctor Suo Na also sued by her husband at the same time…

When the husband Zhou Tong finds the secret of his wife Liu Liusu had a cosmetic surgery, Liusu was treated badly by Zhou. When the broken Liusu tries to start her new life, she suddenly died in Suo Na's operating table…

Suo Na has no energy to find out the secret behind these things, he pay all his attention to recover a girl Xiao Qing's appearance who is badly hurt. She is important for him to rebuild the relationship with Su Mei, but suddenly Xiao Qing fall off a floor and died…



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