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Chinese Family Ethical Drama "Chinese Families-New Hope" 【HD】

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Chinese Family Ethical  Drama Chinese Family Ethical  Drama Chinese Family Ethical  Drama
Products Name"Chinese Families-New Hope"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFamily/Ethic
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorWang Xiao-kang
Script WriterWang Jing-ru
Cast ListZhang Kai-li, Yao Qian-yu, Du Chun, Liu Li-li, Shao Bing
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

"Chinese Families-New Hope" tells that a couple, Yan Chuan and Mi Jia quarreled with each other on the new year’ s eve. The husband’s mother and his sisters came immediately to scold Mi Jia. In her fury, Mi Jia came back to her original home, which annoyed her mother, thus she took Mi Jia to Yan’s home and kicked over the table. The two families’ parts were in a complete mess. Divorce became their formal topic. And at last Yan made an unwise decision: Divorce!

At this moment, Mi Jia’s younger brother was with his cyber-friend Shang Xiao-yun were making out in a tenement house and Qiang’s girlfriend Mao-mao came to find him and tell him that she got pregnant. She proposed that they should get marry immediately, and Qiang had to compromise under great pressure. On the first day of Chinese New Year, Qiang and Mao got a marriage license, while Jia and Yan signed the divorce papers. To his astonishment, at that night, Qiang found Mao trapped him into marriage by pretending to be pregnant, while Jia found she was in trouble. Thereafter, Jia gave birth to a baby girl, and in order to keep his rich brother-in-law, Qiang secretly changed the little baby girl, however, Jia was kept completely in the dark about it.

Five years flied. One day, Shang Xiao-yun appeared in front of Jia, and told her that Shuai-shuai (Jia’s false son) was her own son caused by her one night online love affair. The Mi family had a falling out. Mao tried to commit suicide. Jia and Xiao-yun started to their dispute. But Xiao-yun still took the child away which made a racket in Yan’s family. Yan Family decided to phone the police.

Having no alternative, Jia dissolved the marriage. She resumed her post as a kindergarten teacher to look for her own daughter. Thereby, she got acquainted with Liu Jing-jing’s father Liu Hai-tao and found a goodly secret that Jing-jing was her daughter, and Hai-tao was her foster father. To nurture Jing-jing, Hai-tao gave his broad love and even paid a high price. As Yan still didn’t forget his love to Jia, Jia was between in the Natural Father and Foster Father. A new round of emotional conflict started.



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