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HD Flim Series "Black River Monster"

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HD Flim Series
Film Title"Black River Monster"
Production CountryChinese
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorPoom Man Kit, Chu Yui Pan
Cast ListLau Ka Fai, Man Chung Han, Cheung Chi Lam, Zhao Ke, Xie Ge, Yang Lin, Peng Bo
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

A monk from Japan called Kurokawa Kawado crossed the sea to Chian and came to the Dragon Gate Post. He thanked the folks in town for letting him stay in the Post, and told his story. Somehow, Lady Feng and Shi both thought there was a sense of blood-thirstness and malevolence in the monk.

One day, a lady from a noble family came to see the monk with a lot of gifts, and the rumor came out that after going through some religious ritual with the monk, infertile women would get pregnant. The news spread out very quickly and many couples came to seek audience from the monk.

Since Lady Feng was suspicious, she asked the Kawado to leave the Post. He left some money and departed. Li had a dream of supplicating the monk together with Postman Ma for a child, and as soon as she woke up, she went to look for the monk.

Postman Ma found Li wandering in town with a look that seemed lost, and Li said she had to find Kawado and ask him to take her as a disciple. Postman Ma told Shi about this, and Shi immediately went to town to look for Kawado. Shi found Kawado sitting in meditation in his room; but somewhere in town, over the roofs of the houses, the shadow of the monk was seen flying around. Lady Feng came and announced that Kawado was a monster who knew how to let his spirit travel out of his body. She then poured blood of a black dog onto Kawado, whose body was sitting there in meditation; and that would stop the spirit from returning to the body.

Across town, Kawado's spirit came into Li's room, and she almost lost her virginity under hypnotism. Fortunately, Shi and Postman arrived to save her just in time. Kawado slipped away and went back to this room. But he (the spirit) could not return to his body, and so he was outraged, and became very violent. Everybody joined the fight, and Shi eventually killed the evil spirit. At that very moment, the body of the monster in the room exploded into smithereens. People finally realized that the monster raped the women who came to him for fertility rituals and made them conceive.



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