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Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes Heroes of the Marshes
Film Title"TOUGH GUY"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Kung Fu
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorLiu Xin-yi
Script WriterGong Xiang-dong
Cast ListMeng Fei, He Si-rong, Wang Luo-yong, Xiong Xin-xin
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2010

The horse coper Shi Xiu is an orphan, and has been bred up and trained with the best kungfu by his uncle Shi Lianshan, who is the big brother of a local gang Qinglong Gang and who has always forbidden Shi Xiu to join the Gang, no matter how hard Shi Xiu tries.

One day, when Shi Xiu is back home from dealings, he happens to see a man in the black coat is attacking his uncle Shi Lianshan, so he exerts his kungfu and succeeds fighting off the stranger. This night, Shi Xiu is warned by Shi Lianshan who is going to deal with an emergency that he must leave home at once and never sets foot in the affair of the Gang as long as Shi Lianshan is not back before the day breaks.

Next day, Shi Lianshan is not back as he has predicted. Yet, Shi Xiu does not follow his uncle’s warning and goes to Qinglong Gang to seek for him. There, he gets to know from Fu Youtian, the second brother of the Gang that Guo Shiming, the newly coming captor, may be the person who has killed his uncle.

During his revenge, Shi Xiu comes across the guy who has attacked his uncle before and knows there is in fact a big intrigue. Finally, with the wit and kungfu, he is successful killing the real villains.



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