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Hong kong Film "The Invincible Benevolent"

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Hong kong Film
Film Title"The Invincible Benevolent"
Production CountryHong kong,China
Episode Length90 min
Film DirectorLioa jiangde
Script WriterShen liqiang
Cast ListLiu jiahui,Zhu neibing,Wang jianju,Shen guantai
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2007

Drums are sounding loudly together. The sound reverberates across the green mountains. Out of the Shaolin Temple, Tierushan and his men Tiexueliuji all with murderous look on their faces gather there.

In Daxiong palace, the saint monk has finished Chankong’s tonsure, a ceremony held for people who want to become monks. The saint monk orders him to go to Japan with the Shaoli kong fu book to look for his master Longci and tell his master that Shaolin Temple is confronted with a catastrophe. He must not let others to know his real identity.

Going through the mountain gate, Tierushan roars and leads his men rush into the Shaolin Temple. They encounter the Shaolin warriors and Four-Protectors of Shaoli. Immediately the sound of fighting can deafen people’s ears. Tierushan is extremely angry when he finds that Longci is not in the temple. He chases down four monks who had followed him and betrayed him later. During the dissension he killed them all. Before Chankong leaves Shaolin Temple, the saint monk asks him to tell Longci that if Longci can not return in time, Shaolin Temple will never be peaceful again.



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