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30 Episodes TV Series "Fengyue Flowers of Evil"

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30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series 30 Episodes TV Series
Products Name"Fengyue Flowers of Evil"
Production CountryMainland China
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorFan Xiaotian
Script WriterWang Minghao,Hai Li,Yuan Li,Fan Xiaotian
Cast ListHu Ke,Huang Jue,Xiang Neng,Tang Jiali
Completed Date2007


1922.Sui Cheng, a small town in the south China , which has a hundred year historic prestige.

The Zhens, a huge and powerful feudal local family with hundred years prosperity as well as the moldiness.

Zhen Qianye, the patriarch of the family , a local tyrant who is arbitrary and with huge wealth and power.

Zhen Naixiang, the young master of the house, handsome but dissolute, indulges himself in the extravagant and depraved life.

The peaceful life in the mansion of Zhen was threatened by misfortune. The new concubine Tao Hua was haunted by goasts and shouted fearfully late at night: the disgrace will never vanish from Su Cheng if the Zhen family isn’t down! Never! Meanwhile, Xiao Yun, the little brother of the young hostess Su Qin also strangely acted. And even more unexpectedly, Naixiang suddenly shocked when he indulged in the opium and after that became plant man. Zhen Yu, the little daughter of the family said something stunning and Zhen Qianye laughed suddenly, praised his daughter: the great composure in front of the disaster!

Ten years later.

Zhen Yu grows into a beautiful girl but is companied by the vices. Taking opium, acting open, she becomes a flower of evil! In her puberty, she’s greatly fascinated by the elegant dressed young men in the magazine. Right when her father punished his servants, an attractive man in the elegant suit comes. He’s Zhen Yu’s cousin Zha Liangzhong, and he has engagement with her! But he’s not the Mr. right in Yu’s mind. Yu wants to dissolve the engagement. To her surprise, Liangzhong accepts. What’s that? Liangzhong then formally announces that he want to chase Yu and gain her heart by his own charm.

But misfortune comes again. Pople in Zhen Family die one after anther. Who is the one that wants the Zhens’ down? The warlord Zhao tingfang whose wife has been taken by Zhen Qianye? Or Xiao Yun, the murderer of Zhen Naixiang? At this very time, The daughter of Shi family entices Yu to leave. In great fury, Zhen Qianye has The Shis all killed! The curse realizes: Zhen Qianye dies and the family collapses. The heavy burden is left for the 16-year-old Yu….How can she face it?



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