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Comical TV series"All About Beauties"

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Comical TV seriesComical TV seriesComical TV seriesComical TV seriesComical TV series
Products Name"All About Beauties"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeComedy, City/Romance
Episode Volume28
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorGuo Jun
Script WriterChang Xiaoxiang
Cast ListNana, Kuo Dylan, Evonne, DannyLee, ZhsnhLiWei, YanBingyan
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

"All About Beauties" is a fashion and relaxing TV drama full of comical taste. It describes the interesting story of "Dreams Coming True" around four main characters.

A hot and real Scorpio underwear sales manager, Jane, takes love as a game. She has changeable minds and strange tricks. Will she hook a rich man or at last return to nature in such a real and money worshipping society?

A handsome and rich ABC Chen Weilian is longing for love. In order to escape from the political marriage arranged by his family, he came back to the country from America. But due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, he had lost his memories and was called "Lai Fu"

Bai Yixin is a sensitive and over neat Virgo wedding dress designer. Love is her Achilles heel. The ever emotional shadow hunts her so much that since then she protected herself as "Ice-Queen".

A frank and Aries taekwondo coach, Ji Guangrong, who is with a hot temper, has always been expecting love hardly. Nearly four decades years' life, he has been so cautious and tries to seek a balance for everything. But he has always been isolated from love. Can he get Cupid's arrow?

The above four characters and men and women in different ages and characters around them performed the story of success and adversity together. Dreams come true after one experience twists and turns and sincere emotion come behind absurd and joy.



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