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Comedy "The Dream Factory"

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Comedy Comedy Comedy Comedy Comedy
Film Title"The Dream Factory"
Production CountryChina
Episode Volume1
Episode Length100mins
Film DirectorFeng Xiaogang
Cast ListGeyou, Liupei, Xufan
Dialogue LanguageMandarin
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date1997

In the summer of 1997, a company by four young people launched a project “one day’s journey to your dream”, helping the customers to realize their dreams, which attracted lots of customers with odd wishes. A boss of bookstall wishes to be General George Smith Patton for one day; a cook with a loose tongue from Sichuan province wants to experience what a hero feels like when he would rather die than open his mouth; a moneyed person is eager to suffer hardships; a male chauvinist desires to be a henpecked husband; a star has an ambition to lead an ordinary life. In the meantime, these young people gradually contribute their sincerity to the project even though just for fun in the beginning.



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