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“The Heper's Family“The Heper's Family“The Heper's Family
Products NameThe Heper's Family
Production CountryChina
Theme Typeeducational stories, light-hearted and humorous mood, distinct personal characters
Episode Volume52 episodes
Episode Length15 minutes/per episode
Film DirectorWang Wei
Script WriterDing Weihua Su Xiaodong
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageEnglish
Movie Formatavi
Completed Date2012.11

Xiaozhengxing Planet, which is running out of energy, sends out a distress signal. It is received by The Heper’s Family. The family stands for righteousness and is willing to save people who are in trouble. On their way to Xiaozhengxing Planet, they are robbed by the interstellar pirate, Dodowon. The robbery leads to an accident. The other-dimensional energy is unexpectedly released and shapes into black holes, which absorb both parties’ spaceships. They happen to fall on Xiaozhengxing Planet.

The Xiaozhengxing Planet consists of two species, the civilized one and the barbarous one. The civilized one is located in the bubble town, which has affluent energy thanks to the protection of a tower shaped like a needle tube. The situation of the barbarous species is totally different, extremely barren and bleak. The family’s spaceship luckily lands on the bubble town. Because of the lost first-aid cases and the damaged ship, the family has to live here temporarily and gets along well with the residents. Dodowon’s ship lands on the barbarous territory. In order to attack bubble town and loot the cases and gears, they collude with the vicious species.

The family, shouldering the responsibility of saving the planet and protecting the residents, fights against the gang and begins an adventurous journey.



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