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28 Episodes TV Series "Double Agent---ShangHai"

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28 Episodes TV Series 28 Episodes TV Series 28 Episodes TV Series 28 Episodes TV Series
Products Name"Double Agent---ShangHai"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCrime/Thrill
Episode Volume28
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorHuang Wen-Li
Script WriterHuo Xi
Cast ListLi Guang-jie, Amanda Qin, Liao Fan, Yi Xuan, Sun Xun
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

During the 1930s, the Chinese eastern metropolitan known as the the Paris of the east was brewing in a great crisis. The ten-year civil war between the Nationalist Partyand the Communist Party was not yet ended while Japanese militarists started their invasion quietly. Lin Xuan(performed by Amanda) and Xiang Yi-peng (performed by Li Guang-jie) gave up their personal emotions and put the national cause at the forefront, paying all of their enthusiasm, wisdom, loyalty and courage and shedding their youth and blood with other revolutionaries to resist the Japanese invaders.

The story started from the "Anti-espionage" of Xiang Yi-peng, the middle-level responsible person of Shanghai underground party. During this period, his innocent childhood friend, Lin Xuan was back to Shang Hai. She concealed herself beside the Japanese advanced spay while in fact she was the "Double Agent" of senior intelligence of Chinese underground party. They fell into complex emotional entanglements after they met. After the Japanese Resistance War broke out, the invaders attempted to penetrate China's heart by germ war, named as "Saber Scheme". Researcher Liu Tian-chen took partial important information out and tired to hand it to Kuomintang staffs. Lin Xuan set a perfect trap. She got the information successfully with the cooperation of Xiang Yi-peng and destroyed the implementation of "Saber Scheme", and made a great contribution to the cause of Chinese Communist Party. Lin Xuan and Xiang Yi-peng were deeply in love, however, they placed national interests above everything else when national interests and the revolutionary cause conflicted with personal feelings and left everlasting regrets for the lofty mission.



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