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2010 Digital Movie "Luo . Love"

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2010 Digital Movie 2010 Digital Movie 2010 Digital Movie
Film Title"Luo . Love"
Production CountryChina
ThemeModern, Romance/City
Episode Length88'
Film DirectorShi Fenghe
Script WriterXiao Yinxian, Wang Yong
Cast ListNiu Ben, Tie Zheng, Na-yi-sha, Song Jie
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageEnglish
Completed Date2010

The mysterious Yunnan boundary of China, beautiful and enchanting ancient Hualuo Village as well as "Hulusheng" culture, passed from one generation to the next and connected with the fate of Hualuo people, made three generations of King of Hulusheng, Dad Wuhe, experience a legendary and touching love and undergo joys and sorrows in this love. Daughter of Dad Wuhe left her hometown but gained a deathless love. She suffered from twenty years of homesickness, but she couldn't go back. Confronted with deep Hulusheng culture complex and unforgettable family bonds, passion for home, the granddaughter of Dad Wuhe, Wu-ma-suo, wandered at the cross of love and couldn't decide to which one to choose to spend the rest of her life with. This also made her little friends Bi-a-wu, A-di, A-yi-mu, Mu-guo, Mu-shi don't know what to do with their emotion.



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