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3 Episode TV Series "You Are My Dream"

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3 Episode TV Series 3 Episode TV Series 3 Episode TV Series 3 Episode TV Series
Products Name"You Are My Dream"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeYouth Idol, Romance
Episode Volume3
Episode Length120 min
Cast ListWu Qilong, Ma Tianyu, Jun Jin
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2008

It is a miserable and touching love happened in the Ming Dynasty of China and Li Dynasty of Korea, which is like true and like illusion. A story of 4 young people pursuing their dreams across Beijing, China and Seoul, Korea. They were directed by a surprising similar dream. Each of them hold a quarter of consilient jade and their fate were connected together.

In the Ming Dynasty, Tao Ziting (the actor is Wu Qilong) was sent on a diplomatic mission to the Li Dynasty. He saved the princess Miaoling (the actress is Miaoling) by accident who was haunt to be killed by the betrayers. The servant of the princess, Shu'r (the actress is Jianghong) strived to get the heavily injured Jinshiweizhang (the actor is Junjin) out of trap. The four people promised to meet again in the following days and each one held a quarter of the jade which can be regarded as the order of commanding the troops to repress the riot. Tao Ziting came back to deploy the army but was killed by the eunuchs. The princess Miaoling suicided after hearing the news. Shiweizhang sacrificed his life when destroying the disloyals. Shu'er was too sad to have all the hair cut to be a nun…

The time is flying fast and a hundred years passed soon…



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