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30-episode TV Drama "The Princess will Marry" 【HD】

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30-episode TV Drama
Products Name"The Princess will Marry"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, Romance/City, History/ War
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorLi Ping
Cast ListLi Rui-si, Kou Zhenhai, Gao Ming, Zhu Lei, Bo Hong, Dan Jiang, Lin Qing
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2001

Emperor Shun Zhi of Qing Dynasty ascended the throne when he was quite young. He was born to be generous, kind and hesitant, indecisive. He was always afraid of his mother and Dorgon (one uncle of Emperor Shun Zhi)’s power, and he had no any merits and achievements, he also bore secret love to Jin Chan, the Emperor’s cousin, but couldn’t speak out to her directly, therefore he was quite depressed all the time. More than a decade had flied away, Jin Chan became a lady, much prettier than before, cute and enchanting, which attracted Shun Zhi and the Eleventh Prince’s eye-balls. Meanwhile, an outstanding young man Jue Yuling, and an incomparably pretty lady Earl Duo-luo came into their life.

At the very time when ambition was filled with Dorgon’s mind, he took his fellow to hunt abour Re River. To purchasing his prey, he rode deep into the forest and lost contact with people, when his fellow found him, he had been dead. Shun Zhi recovered from illness soon after he got the news of Dorgon’s death. Empress planned to have seclusion in WuTai Mountain in the name of praying for peace and longevity with Shun Zhi. Occasionally he met his everlasting missed girl, Jin Chan and Jin Chan’s husband, Yuling. The couple accompanied Shun Zhi for several days in WuTai Mount and left quietly, which just left Shun Zhi a memory of “coming into her in the mountain” and he was quite reluctant to leave till the Imperial officers sent people to pick him back. He took an oath before the Buddhist Statue that he should fall in love with Jin Chan once again …



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