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29 Episodes TV Series 'A Poem For The Oak'

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29 Episodes TV Series 'A Poem For The Oak'29 Episodes TV Series 'A Poem For The Oak'29 Episodes TV Series 'A Poem For The Oak'29 Episodes TV Series 'A Poem For The Oak'29 Episodes TV Series 'A Poem For The Oak'
Products Name'A Poem For The Oak'
Production CountryChina
Theme Typepromise, city
Episode Volume29
Film DirectorSun Zhou
Script WriterGu weili,Liu Chen, Wang Yi
Cast ListWu Xiubo,Pu Pu,Sun Chun,Chen Shu,Gao Ming
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Completed Date2007
ProducerGuo Xinqiang

In the early 90’s, in order to provide a stable living environment for his wife named Shang Jie who was a famous TV anchor, the newly college graduated Kang Kai gave up the chance to launch further on his career path. In stead, he opened up a small restaurant. At the same time, Shang Jie was physically and mentally in trouble because her involvement with an artist who dumped her after the affair. As the time passed by, the shadow in Shang jie’s mind did not go away but grew bigger and bigger. To a point, could not face the hard working, honest and loving husband and their newly born, she thrown herself off the building and ended her life.

Xiao Xiaomu is a village girl from Yunnan who worked in Shanghai. For years, she was looking for Kang Kai. She wished to apologize to Kang Kai in person for cheating money from him when she was 14 years old, which she used to fund her brother’s high school education to enable him to pass the college entrance exam. After she finally met up with Kang Kai in Shanghai and saw his unpleasant situation, she couldn’t bring herself to what she had planned all along since Kang Kai no longer remembered her. She quitted her job, and came to work as a waitress in Kang Kai’s small restaurant and quietly helped Kang Kai in anyway she could from the side. After his wife passed away, Kang Kai couldn’t take her out of his mind, and devoted all his emotion to the memory of his diseased wife. As time went by, the feeling for Kang kai from Xiaomu gradually changed from the pure respect and gratitude to more of a personal level. As getting to know Kang Kai more and more, Xiaomu sees Kang Kai as a loving, responsible person. And love had grown in her heart. On the other hand, Kang Kai had always treated Xiaomu as a younger sister but nothing more. Xiaomu misinterpreted Kang Kai as he would only like to date with a college-educated girl. In order to get his attention, Xiaomu studied hard and overcame many obstacles, and finally got in a famous university to major in Chinese literature. She became an editor in a magazine after graduation. But at that time, kang Kai was in jail because of some unexpected incident. For the benefit of Xiaomu, Kang Kai tried to cut off contact with Xiaomu.

As Xiaomu went into the deep sadness, the editor in chief of the magazine gave her lot of support both emotionally and career wise. But no matter what, Xiaomu could never put Kang Kai out of her mind to make room for another love. After consistently trying, the maturely and big-hearted Cong Yuan finally moved Xiaomu. But at this time, Kang Kai was released from the jail. Xiaomu opened up herself and told the whole story about her and Kang Kai to Cong Yuan. As always with his big heart, Cong Yuan told Xiaomu to go after her own true happiness. Kang Kai came to know the things happened between Xiaomu and Cong Yuan, and subsequently left for New York for the good of Xiaomu and Cong Yuan. Many years have gone by, Kang Kai established his own business in the States and became very successful. He found out that Xiaomu was still single and kept a very close working relationship with Cong Yuan, and most of all, she was still waiting for him. Kang Kai decided to donate all his wealth to the foundation for student in poverty and came back to Shanghai. And Xiaomu also gave up her highly respected and successful media communication career and, with all her savings, bought back the small restaurant Kang Kai founded years ago. They had since then lived their plain yet happy and fulfilling live together.



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