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HD Flim Series "Nine Lives Case"

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HD Flim Series
Film Title"Nine Lives Case"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorPoom Man Kit, Chu Yui Pan
Cast ListLau Ka Fai, Man Chung Han, Cheung Chi Lam, Zhao Ke, Xie Ge, Yang Lin, Peng Bo
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

In the ancient town of Crescent Moon, the Yang Family was trying to find a second wife for their only son in order to bring some luck to this son who had been seriously ill. They found a suitable candidate in Li, who was an orphan looking for her kin. This led to a series of strange incidents. Li was behaving strangely and secretively, the Yang only son was near his death with deteriorating health, and people kept dropping dead mysteriously. The Yangs reported this to the officials. Meanwhile, there was suddenly a great fire wiping off the entire household, and at the same time killing the neighbors, creating an incident that took away nine lives altogether.

Lady Feng, the boss of the Dragon Gate Post, made a bet with Scholar Liu about this strange incident. The orphan, Li, was on the run, and she ran into Postman Ma, who took her to the Dragon Gate Post. Lady Feng refused to take Li in because she found something weird about Li, but Sabre Qi, the blacksmith gave Li refuge.

Strange things kept happening in the Dragon Gate Post. Li disappeared under suspicion, but Postman Ma defended her. He told Shi, the man in charge of the finance of the Post that before the fire Li saw a pair of shimmering white jade cups...

Shi and Lady Feng discovered that Scholar Liu was having an adulterous affair with the wife of Yang's son, and they were conspiring to take away the precious pair of white jade cups, "A handful of Snow", which were the heirloom of the Yang Family. They wanted to give the cups to a eunuch as a present in order to secure a post in the court, and planned to incriminate Li for the theft, and use her as the scapegoat. Finally, everything was out. But Lady Feng still considered Li weird, and Postman Ma's love for Li was unrequited. Shi agreed to accompany Li on her way to seek for her kin.



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