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25-episode TV Series "A Romantic Man Ji Xiaolan" 【HD】

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25-episode TV Series
Products Name"A Romantic Man Ji Xiaolan"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, Romance/City
Episode Volume25
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorWu Song
Cast ListZhao Liang, Song Yan, Bo Hong, Hai-Bo, Wu Song, Lin Qing
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2000

In 35th year of QianLong period of Qing dynasty, the great general Zhao Hui led thousands of soldiers fight deadly with Huo Ji-zhan by order of the emperor. The cause of the war was the beautiful wife of Huo Ji-zhan, the lady with incredible smells called "Xiangfei".

Ji Xiao-nan, a man in Hejian House, was gifted, but exclusive in personality. He was sitting in a wine house freely, and heard the legend of Xiangfei, so he couldn’t help making a poem, composing music along with it to let others play. No longer after it, the song spread into the Forbidden City…The emperor Hong Li was shocked and ordered men to arrest him. And meanwhile he wrote the first line of a couplet on a scroll, and wanted his servants to speak the second part. Hongli and the empress were inharmonious. They mentioned the holy lady, and the empress-mother regarded her as an evildoer. She said that anyone who got close to Xiangfei would be in trouble.

The notices that the emperor sought for one good at matching an antithetical couplet went out everywhere. But the conditions were so harsh that no one was willing to try. Ji Xiao-lan scolded the emperor ignoring his proper occupation.

In the battle field of Tianshan, Ji-zhan trusted his relatives to Xiangfei, and he was killed in the battle field. Qian Long gave the word hurriedly to catch Xiangfei alive and tok her to the Forbidden City. Considering about the safety of these relatives, Xiangfei had to go with Zhao Hui, followed by four maids. They attempted escape and the one who covered them was Ji Xiao-lan!

After Hongli got the news, he made a bold act that he decided to seek for Xiang-fei’s whereabouts by himself…



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