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30-episode Costume TV Series "The Battle of CHANGPING"

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30-episode Costume TV Series 30-episode Costume TV Series 30-episode Costume TV Series
Products Name"The Battle of CHANGPING"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, History/War
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorZheng Ke Hong
Script WriterZhao Bing Yu
Cast ListXie Yuan, Bao Guo-an, Xv Huan-shan, Weizi
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

"The Battle of CHANGPING" Tells things that happened in the late Warring Period when Zhao State battled against Qin State, they were facing out and fought in CHANGOING. Later, Qin unified the world. The situation was settled initially. The whole play starts from Lin Xiangru, chief min-ister of the State of Zhao, being sent as an envoy to the State of Qin to ask the ruler of Qin to return a fine piece of jade to Zhao. Later, he got to Qin State again and got the chance for the rehabilitation of the people. Zhao Kuo had a silver tongue, found a favor with the Prince. Zhao Kuo's father, Zhao She was secretive and reserved. He desired to defeat Qian and became world famous.

The king of Zhao Xiang did away with his mother's father, Wei Ran, and made Fan Jiu as the prime minister. Qin befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbour. Above Party was carried by the Qin, Lian Po refused to defend, which made Qian catch in a double bind. Then, Fan Jiu bribed Miao Xian, making King Zhao change horses and soldiers by sowing discord among the enemy. Bai Qi broke Zhao Kuo down and killed soldiers of Zhao State for over 400 thousands. Zhao State was shaken. Lin Xiangru was abolished his title, but he stepped forward to persuade Fan Jiu, and fought Soldiers of Qin by wit. Bai Qi suffered defeat when victory was within Zhao's grasp, and got back in a rage. King Qin set soldiers out to attack Zhao when he was awaken, while soldiers of Zhao swore to defend the city till death. Qin failed to get victory through long time attack, while Bai Qi refused to lead, and Fan Jiu, Chu Ji said something to King Qin, which made Qin got angry, and caused Bai Qi killed himself. Xiangru and Lian Po stood unified and smote Qin soldiers......



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