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Documentary "To be Butterfly from Pupa"

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Documentary Documentary Documentary Documentary Documentary
Products Name"To be Butterfly from Pupa"
Production CountryMainland China
Theme TypeFigure
Episode Volume1
Episode Length58 min
Completed Date2005

Heilongjiang provincial acrobatics group has some influence in the Chinese acrobatic sector. The group has trained many acrobatic performers who have earned many awards on the stages of international acrobatic competitions. There are two of the preserving shows "circles on the ground" and "handkerchief on pyramid" and these two are critical to the performers since these make them professional skills for living if they can handle these two shows. There are two types of performers in the acrobatic group, they are performers who are doing the business performance all over the world and these who are the apprentices studying and participating the industrial competitions for the group. However, only those apprentices who have had good scores in the competitions can be promoted to be official performers of the group. This documentary is just about the lives of the apprentices who are now facing the most important competition of their professional career– the national children's acrobatic competition. The Heilongjiang provincial acrobatic group submitted 4 programs including "circle on the ground" and "handkerchief on pyramid" to compete with other acrobatic groups. It is not that everyone will have the chance to participate the national competition, however. All the teams have been decided 6 months before the competition date. The choosing of the teams depends on varieties of sectors and the training and genius of apprentices are just two sectors which would be taken into consideration. The others are more complex…

The life of these apprentices looks boring and bald. It seems like our life. This documentary film expressed care for the living situation of human being with its sobering measure on-the-spot record.



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