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22 Episode TV Series "The Mystery of Dark Residence"

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22 Episode TV Series 22 Episode TV Series 22 Episode TV Series 22 Episode TV Series
Products Name"The Mystery of Dark Residence"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeThrill, Comedy
Episode Volume22
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorLi Xiaoping
Cast ListSu Yanshi, Fang Bin, Liang Aiqi
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2008

There is an old saying in Beijing: When the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China, Queen Mother Cixi hid the valuable treasure in an old well before escaping.

The main heroes in the story are Mantun Wang’s and Zhizi family. The dad of Mantun dreamed of discovering the priceless mysterious well everyday. He was irritated on the wish. The mother of Zhizi didn’t like the Wang’s, not allowing Zhizi to marry Mantun.

At this time Yidou Wang found a seasoned well in the yard. He and Mantun started to explore it. All kinds of irregular behaviors of the father and son raised the doubt of Zhizi.

Yidou Wang got out of some ‘ancient things’. Mantun was very excited and active to exploring the well.

Yidou Wang had taken the pearl eardrops founded in the seasoned well to testify. Kaogu Zheng regarded it very valuable after seeing it. Yidou Wang believed that the old well that hidden the treasure of Queen Mother Cixi was just in the yard.

The father and son of family Wang dig out a box of ancient money later. However more and more weird things were happened in the yard: a crowd of snakes surged in the yard; the kid Jiuku groped into the well; some guy killed the electricity of the yard…Out of all expectations, what the Wang’s found out at last was a rusty big iron hook!

People built the new buildings in the previous yard. Life is on the way. The mother of Zhizi re-held a wedding for her elder daughter Zhizi. The groom Mantun worked as a distributor of life insurance. The little couple lived happily and comfortably.

There was latest news about the old well again. It was said that the treasury was located in the deeper well.

In the moon, people could see that Kaogu Zheng, Yidou Wang walk along the boundary of buildings again and again.



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