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Animation Series "Magic Boy Kitchener"

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Animation Series Animation Series
Products NameMagic Boy Kitchener
Production CountryChina

This is a legend of a village boy who becomes the chief imperial kitchener by chance in the late Qing dynasty.

In the late Qing dynasty, the united army of eight western countries invaded Beijing. Empress Cixi, holding Emperor Guangxu under duress, fled to the west part of the country.

On the way to the west, the imperial kitchener was lost so that another kitchener had to be chosen from the local people. Fortunately, Grandpa Hong, grandfather of little Fugui, the Magic Boy Kitchener, was selected as the imperial kitchener for Empress Cixi. Accidentally, Grandpa Hong once found that poison had been put into Empress’ food…

The fact was that Empress Cixi had intended to uncrown Emperor Guangxu for his support to the Wuxu Political Reform in 1898 but she was irresolute to make such a decision for some reason. Minister Rong, the Empress’ loyal minion, conjectured her mind. In order to urge Empress Cixi to make an early decision to uncrown Emperor Guangxu, He planned to buy over the eunuch Xiaolizi to put poison into Empress Cixi’s food and then told Cixi that it was Emperor Guangxu who wanted to poison her.

Unexpectedly, Xiaolizi’s action was found by Grandpa Hong. But Grandpa Hong was brought a false charge against by Xiaolizi and sent to the prison by Empress Cixi before he got to know what had happened. What was waiting for him was death.

In order to save his grandfather, little Fugui, the Magic Boy Kitchener, was determined to become the chief imperial kitchener before his grandfather’s beheading, as the chief imperial kitchener had the qualification to obtain a “Amnesty Gold Medal”, by which he could save anybody’s life. But unconsciously, little Fugui was dragged into a complicated political struggle…

Could little Fugui become the chief imperial kitchener and save his grandfather?

Please pay attention to Magic Boy Kitchener.



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