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Hong Kong Film
Production CountryHong Kong, China
Episode Volume1
Episode Length90 min
Cast ListFan Shaohuang,Jiang Haowen
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChianese,English
Completed Date2002

Wangli was born in a bare-handed Chinese boxing old and well-known family. He was addicted to learn the Chinese boxing from very young. He was fostered by his mother only as his father Wang Xiaohu had disappeared for many years. People didn't know whether Wang Xiaohu had died or not. Wangli studied the Chinese boxing chart of Wang Family, which was left by his dad. He longed to get the information of his father from it. Recently, he was picked out to be the athlete of the provincial key Chinese boxing committee. He would attend the international competition for our nation. What he hoped was to find his father and all the family got together.

One day, Wangli had saved an open-minded lady on the way, which involved him into a new struggle. This young lady was Li Jiening, the sole daughter of huge rich group's boss in Taiwan. They were attacked a lot on the way and drugged into the death case. The bodyguard and mother of Li Jiening were killed one by one. At this time, Wang Xiaohu appeared suddenly and saved Wangli heartly. In fact the black hand behind was the Yan Zhilun, Qie brother of Li Jiening. He desired to obsess the property of Li family and planned to make Li's father and daughter to death. Finally Wangli defeated Yan Zhilun by his own creative Chinese boxing.



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