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France film "24 Hours in The Life of A Woman"

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France film
Film Title"24 Hours in The Life of A Woman"
Production CountryFrance, Germany, UK
Episode Length107 min
Film DirectorLaurent Bouhnik
Cast ListAgnès Jaoui, Michel Serrault, Bérénice Bejo
Dialogue LanguageFrench, English
Title LanguageFrench, English
Completed Date2003

In 1935,a genteel family boarding-house on the French Riviera is the scene of an emotional fracas when Louis, 17, discovers that his mother has run off with a tennis coach. The faithless wife is loudly condemned by all the guests but one: Marie Collins-Brown, an enigmatic and elegant French widow of a former Scottish Army officer. Marie takes her defence, telling young Louis the story of her own long lost passion that still kindles in her heart…

Twenty years before, in 1913, in the frenetic ambience of the monte-carlo casino, Marie was spellbound by Anton, a young Polish Army officer who had just lost his fortune at the gambling tables. Marie sets her heart on saving Anton. She starts out by comforting him. But within a few hours she falls headlong into the giddy throes of passion, in exchange for a solemn promise that he will never gamble again. She gives Anton enough money to go home to Poland. She says goodbye to him. Then, just as she has decided to rewrite her destiny and follows Anton, she finds him back at the casino, gambling away the money she trustingly gave him. His betrayal plunges Marie into deep despair.

In the present day, Louis, now an old man, meets a wilful, modern young woman named Olivia. They strike up a strange and moving relationship, in which Louis searing memory of Marie’s romantic confession to him plays a prominent part.



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