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Film Series "Fire-Line Fighting -Grave Digger"

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Film Series
Film Title"Fire-Line Fighting -Grave Digger"
Production CountryChina
ThemeAction/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90min
Film DirectorHU MIngkai
Cast ListWallace, Ashton Chen, Qi Fang
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2009

Last century in Shanghai, a tycoon holds a wedding party in his own house and invites a lot of celebrities of the city. During the wedding, however, the bride is kidnapped suddenly by someone unknown. Detective Zhong Lang found that the kidnapper is the very notorious "Grave digger".

Usually, the criminal locked the victim an airtight cell, where the person in it can last for 24 hours only under normal conditions. If the kidnapper can not get the ransom money he requires, then the pawn will be suffocated to death.

With the help of the legal medical expert, Yu Shengnan and the prior Hound Ning Erkun, detective Zhong knew more and more information about "Grave digger"and was close to solve the case.

To hinder the detection, the criminal again kidnapped Yu Shengnan and the young detective Han Fei, and keeps them in an air-raid shelter, in which the air was only enough to breathe 12 hours.

The situation was critical and Zhong and Nin Erkun were doing their best to rescue them. In the meantime, Han Fei and Yu Shengnan were trying their best to save themselves, by-and-by, they managed to escape.

Later on, Yu and Han rescued the bride. On the other hand, Zhong Lang and Ning Erkun matched with the grave digger in a Station.



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