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Products Name"Happy Fruit Village"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeComedy, Fairy Tale/Fable
Episode Volume28
Episode Length14min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2011

Children's psychological qualities are very important, which represent the fate of the future, decide the process of human development, and would affect the development of huamn civilization.

Therefore, we must pay more attention to the psychological development of children, to not deviate from the right track.

Aiming at this problem, we create the "Happy Fruit Village" animation series. The series use the exaggerated and humorous cartoon art practices, show the mutualiterdependence, such as kindness and ugly; failure and hope. After watching, the children establish a correct outlook on life and values; to be able to brave a positive attitude in face of daily life problems in the correct way to deal with human relationships.

The background of the series is a Chinese building, the characters are a group of baby fruit. The stellar role is Peach, she can be funny, to poetry, to philosophy. The story will touch the audience’s hearts, also is on the role of fascinated.

Peach is a simple character, optimism, good question, her intergrity and kindness, although the ordinary appearance, but ordinary people have the happiness and dreams. In the story, she encounters failure, hope, and then failed, and then hope that, although one after another, but Peach still optimistic with her kind of personality to create the world’s beauty. In her growth process, Peach become a passion for life, optimistic self-confidence, the courage to face difficulity; know how to communiate, share and trust; and she and the friendship between partners become more pure and unbreakable. Peach's hope and success, audience will be pleasure; Peach's disappointment, audience will be identify with it.

The animation series will focus on living and studying at Peach, with her family, friends, teachers,, classmates, and happened between one to one story, with inthersting, humorous, down-to-earth language and behavior, a life of full of hope, full of Creative, also disadvantage a lot of character shown by children.

Peach at home with their families is so pleased forever. Friend to the existing friendship, but also battle each other, vindictive and very sweet. The series by portraying the affection, love and friendship between the children and full of optimism and progressive spirit, brave to fave difficulty, and actively solve the problem, have a positive significance.



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