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365 Episodes of Olympic Puppet Comedy- 'One Day for PoPoDoo' (Ⅰ)

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365 Episodes of Olympic Puppet Comedy- 'One Day for PoPoDoo' (Ⅰ)365 Episodes of Olympic Puppet Comedy- 'One Day for PoPoDoo' (Ⅰ)365 Episodes of Olympic Puppet Comedy- 'One Day for PoPoDoo' (Ⅰ)365 Episodes of Olympic Puppet Comedy- 'One Day for PoPoDoo' (Ⅰ)365 Episodes of Olympic Puppet Comedy- 'One Day for PoPoDoo' (Ⅰ)
Products Name'One Day For PoPoDoo'
Production CountryLadder Digital Education Corp.
Theme TypePuppet, Olympic Tips, Chlidren English
Episode Volume104 Episodes
Episode Length8 Mins Each Episode
Film DirectorLiu Yancheng
Script WriterKowe Flim&TV Corp.
Dubbing ActorCao Zuilv, Zhanglu, Zhaoyi, Zhangkai, Wangyang
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Completed Date2005

There live a lot of lovely DooDoos in a mysterious DooDoo city on earth. The news of Olympic 2008 will be held in Beijing has been spread out.

The congress of DooDoo city therefore makes a decision to assign a delegation for Olympic game this time. They can also take this chance of making friends with human beings. PoPoDoo,ViViDoo,WinDooDoo, and DooPaPa are all excited about the news. They all want to be a member of the delegation without exception.

This is where the story begins, a happy DooDoo family: One day, Olympic commission announced the new requirement for the delegation-English Speaking ability required. This is a great difficulty for DooDoo family. To everybody’s surprise, at the time of being anxious, English-speaking SamDooDoo is descending from the air. He becomes the nature English teacher in DooDoo family. There is also another student-DeeDeeBig, join in the learning projects

The genius Musician Mr. Bang was born at the time of magic seed sprouted. DooDoo family can enjoy the wonderful music thereafter. WinDooDoo and SamDooDoo cooperate with each other and earn their own pet Robot-Key man. Because of “toothbrush” event, PoPoDoo has acquaintance with MoMoKe, a homeless child with an ugly face but also with a kind heart. He can speak English very well.

PoPoDoo invite MoMoKe to live with DooDoo family.

However, MoMoKe still has problem to walk out being with people due to poor self-esteem. In this case, they become secret friends. MoMoKe teach PoPoDoo in secret. By doing this, PoPoDoo improves his English very fast, which make SamDooDoo raise his doubt. Naughty X who plays tricks all the time become new neighbor of DooDoo family. He makes the children happy but also annoy. Everything happened to their life is always interesting. They learn knowledge from playing game; they earn friendship from contradictive argument. Under a series of funny stories, we can find their English speaking improved as fast as a jet. Time keeps passing by….

Unexpected, PoPoDoo found a strange “house”. He gives it to homeless MoMoKe as a present. With PoPoDoo’s help, MoMoKe finally walks out from his own world and become a good friend of the children. In a party at MoMoKe’s home, X touches a button accidentally. PoPoDoo and ViViDoo’s parents suddenly show up on a big screen. Then PoPoDoo and ViViDoo realize that they are not from DooDoo city but from DooDoo planet in the outer space. Besides, the strange “house” is exactly the spaceship that brought them here. At the time of such shock, rear door of the spaceship automatically open….



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