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HD Flim Series "Lightning Over Old Well"

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HD Flim Series HD Flim Series
Film Title"Lightning Over Old Well"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorPoom Man Kit, Chu Yui Pan
Cast ListLau Ka Fai, Man Chung Han, Cheung Chi Lam, Zhao Ke, Xie Ge, Yang Lin, Peng Bo
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

It was heard that the Manchurian army was coming to attack the Ming Empire, and thus the soldiers at the border all rushed to town. Postman Ma wanted to join the army to help but Shi stopped him saying that the imperial army was already there to protect the court.

Soon, the Manchurian troops and the Ming army fought a fierce battle in Hungry Wolf Ravine. The Manchurian army lost and retreated, while many of the Ming soldiers were heavily wounded and there was a great body count. Dead bodies piled up in the Ravine, and the whole valley became a funeral pyre. There was fear that a plague might break out, and General Ji of the Ming army was ordered to station there to keep watch.

Supernatural tall tales about Hungry Wolf Ravine spread out, and it was rumored that many strange incidents happened in town; and so all the folks were running away, In the ancient mansion where General Ji was posted, the housekeeper Old Jiang killed himself by jumping into the well. The soldiers retrieved the body and sealed the well. More eerie tales got around.

Shi and Sheriff He found that the battle was a sham; and when General Ji came into town, he went to meet Old Jiang, and the housekeeper died because of the General. Sheriff He also checked out the fact that there was a great robbery of 200,000 teals of imperial gold by the mountain thieves of Hungry Wolf Ravine 15 years ago. The case was still unsolved.

General Ji was getting ready to leave town while Shi and Sheriff He arrived the ancient mansion. They saw that the old well was unsealed, and when lightning stroke over the well, something sparkled. Shi pointed out that General Ji was the ringleader of the mountain thieves, and Old Jiang had been there to watch over the gold for the past 15 years. Just as the General wanted to kill them, an imperial guard came and arrested General with the body.



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