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Products NameHappy Xiaozhengxing Planet
Production CountryChina
Theme Typehumorous stories, chubby characters and magic effects
Episode Volume52 episodes
Episode Length16 minutes/per episode
Film DirectorWang Wei
Script WriterHe Fu Zhang Jie Fan Wenyuan
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese or English
Movie Formatavi
Completed Date2013.9

Dwelling in the Xiaozhengxing Planet, green-skinned residents live happily. Born with magic power, called “yuanli”, they could create miracles. A stone, the source of the power, is buried in an ancient temple, but a vicious dark emissary always tries to loot the stone in order to control the whole planet. However, when crisis arises every time, a Light Guardian suddenly shows up to fight against the emissary to protect the planet.

The guardian is so mysterious and powerful that everyone in the town admires him very much. Actually, Doka is the guardian, but nobody knows it because he acts like a fool mostly. It is the town head who hypnotizes Doka and transforms him into the guardian. The Light Guardian defeats the Dark Emissary and brings happiness to the Xiaozhengxing Planet once again.



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