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HD Doucumentary "The Gospel in Village-----Love is the best present"

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HD Doucumentary
Products Name"The Gospel in Village-----Love is the best present"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeFigure/Event
Episode Length43'53"
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2007

This is a small town made up by mineworkers. In the last century, they moved and settled down here because of their jobs.But now the coal mine has been out of store .So the mineworkers and their families have to face the challenge of survive. Their lives are just as infirm as their houses built on the mine which will possibly break down suddenly anytime. Some of their families’ religion is Christ .They get together to sing paeans and they insist that the god loves man .Their biggest wish is to build a church for assembling. But they meets various of trouble during building the church .No matter on Christmas or Spring Festival, the Christians hold ceremonious celebrations .And their children have a good time in these festivals .

A 10-year –old girl named Kaiqun Cai ,lives with her parents and 2 elder brothers in a rough and small house .Her mother believes in Jesus .Her father does some odd job outside the town .Her brothers and she go to the same school which is run for the mineworkers' children .Because they disobeyed the policy of planned parenthood ,Kaiqun Cai still has not a registered permanent residence. She has done worst in her class and she is still not able to write her own name even in Grade 3.The coming Christmas is the most important festival to the Christians .Kaiqun Cai won the prize which was a little book in the Christmas party by answering the question that why there was some red when the Jesus was nailed on the cross .In Spring Festival ,the little girl doesn’t have a new clothes to wear . And she had neither banger nor toy to play with .However there was still something delighted her that her family was given a comparatively commodious house by the village .At the beginning of the new term ,her mother took her to attend a public school in order to save RMB 200 Yuan of tuition .But they was refused by the president by the reason that the girl had n't a registered permanent residence. Thus Kaiqun had to return to the original private-run school.

In contra, a 12- year-old boy called Kangkang Zhu, who is in a comparatively better family, receives cards from his friends on Christmas and also has new clothes to wear on Spring Festival .He had dry run a paean show with his parents and performed in the New Year Eulogizing Synod .

Another girl named Sujuan Lone, the only friend of Kaiqun Cai's, whose parents are jobless and staying at home. The whole family lives on the subsistence allowances. Her parents are Christians while their daughter is willing to attend the Christians' eulogizing synod with Kaiqun Cai on Christmas.

Zhilan Gun is a boy ,at the age of 8, who likes toys and bangers most .There is also no present for him on both Christmas and Spring Festival .However he had some washed clothes to wear to celebrate the Festivals .Because he often joins in the Christian's eulogizing synod with his parents ,he can sing plenty of paeans .

The story ends with a song of paean called "the love gather us ".

According to what Godard said "the action age has gone and the self-questioning age comes". This document film just like a mirror in which different people will see different figures of themselves. The director keeps the euphemistic and moderate style to explain the story .It is surrounded by happiness and warm . He try to lower the angle shot during filming so that it can be nearly horizontal sight at the children .However, the shot is attracted by the particular personality of each child's . They were curious at the camera at the beginning, then dodged, and finally ignored. All of these show the originality of children's happiness and puerility . Whether they can receive presents in the festivals seems not affect their happiness. The director recorded these carefully. Because the girl's family was poor, she was tradictorily willing and rejecting to be shot. The shots that Kaiqun kept her dignity which will be difficult to continue move all of us. When ask about the idea of religion, festival, present and their future, the little guys show the children's simple method of considering. It's just the same as what Zhilan Gun always answers is "I don't know."

At the same time, the film happens to meet an ultimate question that what is happiness

Maybe you can try to find the answer by the children when they are holding puppies, playing with peg-tops or exploring the bangers. The simpler the happier. The more exterior the warmer. Maybe you needn't to give the answer but only the question.



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