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Portable Transport Stream Analyzer SPA-11P

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Portable Transport Stream Analyzer SPA-11PPortable Transport Stream Analyzer SPA-11P

Scivo's SPA-11P Portable Transport Stream Analyzer, is a powerful and portable MPEG2/DVB Transport Stream processing equipment. Combined with software run on the host computer, it provides powerful functions such as real-time Transport Stream analysis, RF signal measurement, data broadcast analysis, Transport Stream recording, off-line Transport Stream file analysis, Transport Stream file transmission and decoding Transport Stream.

SPA-11P support DVB-C/DVB-S/DVB-T RF input and Chinese terrestrial DTV broadcasting standard (DTMB) RF input. As portable equipment, it can work with all kinds of computers such as laptop, desktop and server. It is easy to use and configure with high stability and performance.

SPA-11P could also support remote control through Network Management Software. Multi-SPA-11Ps could consist a distributed monitor system, so MSO could real-time monitor Transport Streams for long-term and manage entire equipments remotely, cost-effectively and reliably.

Key Features


Embedded architecture

Support remote control

Analysis on the whole network EPG Schedule/Event

Analysis on data broadcast (Support Data Carousel and Object Carousel)

TR101290 alarm, and other types error alarm

Detailed analysis on PSI/SI tables

  Detailed offline analysis. Support PID/PES/Section/ PCR index

Record Transport Stream based on reliable TCP/IP connection, no packet lost

Support Transport Stream real-time and off-line decoding. Support 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 sampling and MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264 encoding format

All the pages can be exported and saved

Scan the DTV channels

Support remote control & Network management


Real-time monitoring and analyzing on Transport Stream

Real-time monitoring and analysis of DVB over IP Data

Alarm: TR101290 and other types of error alarm. Detailed error log

PCR analysis: PCR interval/accuracy. Show the data and diagram

PSI/SI: Detailed analysis on PSI/SI table

Real-time analysis on the teble interval of PSI/SI

EPG analysis: EPG Schedule/Event analysis and monitoring

RF measurement: Constellation/MER/BER/EVM/SNR/

Frequency/Symbol rate

Transport Stream file analysis: Detailed Offline analysis on Transport Stream file

DC/OC analysis: DC/OC data analysis, grammar analysis and documents downloaded

Calculate the burst bite rate

Real-time and offline Transport Stream video and audio decode

Record Transport Stream by the ASI/RF inputs into the computer hard disk

Transport Stream file transmission: Transmit the Transport Stream file stored in the computer through ASI interface

Automatically loop-out Transport Stream through RF/ASI interface

Demodulating RF signal (support DVB-C or DVB-S or DVB-T or DTMB) to ASI signals and being sent out through ASI output interface

Transport Stream file can be intercepted

Support MPEG over IP analysis

Dimensions (WxHxD):14x5.6x24 CM

Physical Interface

Ethernet input: one RJ-45 10/100 Base-T

ASI input: one BNC 75 Ohm (Optional)

ASI output: one BNC 75 Ohm

RF output: one F-type 75 Ohm

Serial port: one RS232



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