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Products Name"Taoism in Wudang"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeHistory/Archaeology, Geography/Scenery
Episode Volume9
Episode Length35min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

Wudang Mountain, with an air of romance, took shape 800 million years ago due to crustal movements. Because of its unique location, Wudang Mountain has shown its beautiful natural scenery and mysterious Taoism worships. Therefore, ancient people called the mountain "Taihe" and "Wudang".

Wudang Mountain lays at latitude of 30 degrees North, a mysterious line which has witnessed many effaced and existing civilizations and wonders, such as ancient buildings in Maya and pyramids in Egypt. They lived in harmony and intergrowth with each other.

Wudang Mountain has been a holy land of indigenous Chinese Taoism since the earliest times. It has been called the Chinese Vatican, Mecca and Jerusalem. Descendants of royal families in a whole dynasty fell down in adoration before the mountain and several generations of emperors considered the mountain as a holy and spiritual place for conversion.

Humanity documentary "Taoism in Wudang" focuses on the place for the first time. As season changed and time passed, the camera zoomed in on the magnificent temples and palaces, precious rare cultural relics, fleeting and magical landscape and scholars' research. The documentary will take you to explore all the legends in this fairy mountain with a history of thousands of years. The documentary is filmed by high-definition television equipments and the filming lasted one year and a half. It records not only the majestic and imposing sea of clouds and the white snowfall in the golden autumn but also the winter snow that only comes once in three decades. Aerial photographs of the mountain have been taken for several times when the cloud and mist curl up. The natural and magical beauties in combination with the profound history and legends add radiance and charm to each other, making the documentary audibly and visibly attractive and thought-provoking.



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