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Hong kong Film
Production CountryHong kong,China
Episode Length90 min
Dialogue LanguageChinese, English
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date1997

During the reign of Emperor Shen Tsung of Ming, General Hsiao Ju-feng is framed for the murder of Minister of War Liu Tien-hu when Hu Lung introduced by him to Liu turns out to be an assassin and kills Liu. After succeeding in this frame-up, Minister of Justice Cheng Chung, an ambitionist who has been plotting to overthrow the throne, arranges for an ace fighter to the Ministry of Justice to arrest Hsiao, and at the same time feels incognito, trying to kill the murderer Hu Lung to destroy the evidence.

Cheng Chung, an ex-pupil of Master of Pugilism Shen Yi-shan, is also an invincible martial artist versed in pugilism and eagle claw. Meanwhile, Hsiao tries to capture Hu to prove his own innocence, but the latter is rescued by an unidentified person Shen Yao. A duel ensues, and ends in a draw. When Hsiao explains his innocence to Shen, the latter grants him a few days’ grace to find out the truth. In his chase after Hu, Hsiao perchance saves Shin Lan and Shin Shu, the grand-children of Master Shen Yi-shan’s pupil Shih Tien-chiung. The duo, who has also mastered pugilism, then teaches Hsiao the maneuver and the method of countering it.

In desperation, Hu obtains the assistance of his sworn brothers Three Evils to fight Hsiao. Hsiao is defeated by them, but Shen arrives in the nick of time, and together they kill the Three Evils. The two succeed in tracing Hu after much hardship only to find him killed by Cheng. A jade found in Hu’s handgrip and a subsequent attempt on Shen’s life by several hooded men proves the innocence of Hsiao, who is then released by Shen. On his way back to the capital to make further investigation, Shen is stopped by Cheng Chung who admits to be responsible for the murder. He tries to kill Shen when the latter turns down his plea to defect to him. Hsiao arrives and joins in the fight, but falls into Hu’s trap. The timely arrival of Shin Lan and Shin shu, who have also been hunting after Cheng for the murder of their grand-father, enables Hsiao to kill Cheng.



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