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American Film "The Memsahib"

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American Film
Film TitleThe Memsahib
Production CountryAmerica
Episode Length101'
Cast ListEmily Hamilton, Parvin Dabas, Glenn Fitzgerald, Sweta Keswani, Aarti
Dialogue LanguageEnglish
Title LanguageEnglish
Completed Date2006

The Memsahib is the story of a strong-willed woman's search for her connection to one love, two cultures through many lifetimes. The journey begins in tumultuous age before the birth of the British Raj-1851. Grace Roberts (Emily Hamilton) arrives in India, newly married to the local Raja, Jai Rathod (Parvin Dabas). Together, they possess the optimism that love and understanding can bridge any differences between them and the countries to which they are loyal. She soon discovers that the unorthodox choices she's made in her life are difficult for both the British and the Indians to accept. Even Grace's cousin, Captain Nelson Robert (Glenn Fitzgerald), an officer with the British East India Company, fears her marriage to an Indian man will alienate her from all that she loves and knows. But Grace is persistent to do as she wishes, and begins to teach local children where they routinely gather- the gorgeous village well, much to the dismay of her husband and others who would have her live the traditional life of an Indian queen.

Ridiculed by the British and unable to assimilate into the gentility of her new surroundings, she turns to a free-spirited dance teacher at the village stepwell to guide her towards peace and belonging. There, she finds that her two loves, her husband and teaching others, may not be enough to help her through such a rough adjustment. Questions of loyalty and identity tear at her as she is caught amidst a widening political divide that amplifies the passions and the cultures of the time. In the turmoil, she discovers forces that will stop at nothing to keep her apart from her husband. Ultimately, tragedy strikes and her very support system is shattered , leaving her to make the final choice of life or death.

One hundred and fifty years later, Asha Randall (Emily Hamilton) happens to arrive at the very same palace. Recently divorced, she is the guest of her friend and mentor, Neil (Denzil Smith). Immediately taken by the palace, she begins to uncover its unique history with the help of the ever- present and enigmatic caretaker, Vijay (Parvin Dadas). Asha soon becomes preoccupied with the history of the Memshib while sensing that the palace holds as yet unknown secrets. She thus unknowingly embarks on a journey of self discovery and healing, finding that some connections cannot be broken, and that to know who we are and to choose where we are meant to go, we all must delve into the deepest of our past.

"The Memsahib" reframes eternal themes of love, sacrifice and identity as issues that remain relevant to us today. Through Grace and Asha's journey, we see that we as people are identified both by what choose for ourselves everyday and eternal connections that are chosen for us long ago.



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