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21 Episodes TV Serives "Year after Year"

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21 Episodes TV Serives 21 Episodes TV Serives 21 Episodes TV Serives 21 Episodes TV Serives 21 Episodes TV Serives
Products NameYear after Year
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeSociety
Episode Volume21
Episode Length45 mins
Film DirectorAn Zhanjun, Li Xiaolong
Cast ListLiuwei, Xu Yajun, Yuanhua
Dialogue LanguageMandarin
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date1999

This TV series was made to celebrate the 50th National Day of China and the approach of the new century. It adopted chronicle form based on the great changes in China after the Open-Door Policy. It is a vivid panorama of society in that period by describing the uneven life and emotional tangles of two families--Chen and Lin.

The story focused on the time of 1978 and 1998 with the background of reforming and opening up of China. Projectionist Chen Fulin’s family were in good relationship with Lin Hanmin’s who experienced injustice in the Culture Revolution. Chenhuan was the son of Chen family and Lin Pingping was the daughter of Lin's. These two children were good friends from childhood and experienced the hard and bitter life in country side and the mountains together later. In 1978, the college entrance examination policy was revived and Chenhuan passed the exam of a normal university and became a teacher in his school after graduation. However Lin Pingping was refused by the university because of her father’s political problems. This was a heavy blow to her as she inclined to be the best in every aspect. Things changed later as Ling Pingping got the chance of entering Peking University and her father regained his position. Although they still loved each other, it was hard for them to come to any results of loveafter having so much bitter experience. Year after year, the two families experienced the shocks and baptisms both in mental and living conditions during 20 years brought by the social changes in different levels of the society.

This story started with the trifles in the daily life of common people, by which it reveals the changes in China society: vindication, the intelligent youths back to the cities, the reviving of the college entrance examination, uprising of business and going abroad of people, the stock market, the re-employment of laid-off and etc. The TV series delivered the changes in people’s lives and concepts during these 20 years and the audience would feel living in that period with so many ups and downs.



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