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Film Series "Fire-Line Fighting -Innocent Advocacy"

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Film Series
Film Title"Fire-Line Fighting -Innocent Advocacy"
Production CountryChina
Episode Length90min
Film DirectorHU Mingkai, Deng Yancheng
Cast ListWallace, Ashton Chen, Qi Fang
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2009

In Shanghai International Settlement, a major representative of Britain was killed in a bar. It is said that the murder's appearance was very similar to Detective Zhong Lang. To make things worse, the police of International District searched through his body and find the very money of Wilson, thus, Zhong can not help but to be put in prison.

Liu Tiande, who was charge of this case, has bad blood with Zhong Lang. He refused to let Zhong Lang's team member ---- Yu Shengnan and Han Fei detect this case at the beginning. Yu & Han speculated that it must be a criminal, who once fell in Zhong's hands, sedulously revenged Zhong Lang now.

Before long, Zhou Tong, a senior judge is shot to dead in his house. At the other side of corpse, a code of law lying on the desk seems to tell people that the criminal has made a trial for the victim.

Zhou Tong's death forced Liu Tiande to reflect the whole case, he decided to let Yu & Han investigate and help him to solve the two cases quickly. Later, they found that someone sneaked into the police station and steeled a dossier, and the case in this dossier is amazingly similar to Zhong Lang’s criminal case.

Meanwhile, the lord prosecutor Wang Su determines to advance the date of opening the court session for trial of Zhong Lang's case. Thus Liu Tiande and the detective team had to race against time with the criminal to prevent Zhong from wrong conviction.



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