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Large Scale 3D Science-fiction Series "Blue Cat Dragoons"【3D】

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Large Scale 3D Science-fiction Series Large Scale 3D Science-fiction Series Large Scale 3D Science-fiction Series Large Scale 3D Science-fiction Series
Products Name"Blue Cat Dragoons"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeAction/Errantry
Episode Volume108
Episode Length17min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2011

This is a large scale 3D Animation of science-fiction.

It tells a story that in 2300 AD, the earth’s civilization got into the rapid developing period. Nevertheless, the power of evil scientific and technological strength emerged, which threatened humans’ living environment increasingly. In order to maintain the earth peace, scientist from the Aocima planet, Lala came to the earth to help the earth to build the highest defending system—the dragoons.

When the core element—the dragon bracelet got into the most critical moment, the doctor, Waiwai, who presented the evil scientific and technologic strength in dragon research centre, rose in revolt in a sudden. He attempted to seize the dragon bracelet containing the power of Aocima to improve the evil arm—Baishouwang (King of beasts) and ruled this world. Lala and Blue cat beat Baishouwang and got back the dargon bracelet, but they found all instruments relevant to the dragon bracelet were defective due to enemies’ trouble, so they must went back to their dragon era to find the corresponding dragon gene, and finished the final update of the dragon machine. At that time, they could defeat Baishouwang.

Dragoons leading by Blue Cat came to this dragon era. In this strange world, what would welcome dragoons? Whether these five dragon machines could finish their update successfully or not? And would they defeat the Baishouwang?



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