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Offer the New Visualeyez VZ4000 System

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Offer the New Visualeyez VZ4000 System
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For motion capture users who require more accuracy, higher frame rates and real time full body motion capture, PhoeniX Technologies is proud to offer the new Visualeyez VZ4000 system.

The newly released VZ4000 tracker still provides motion capture professionals with all the features of its predecessor (VZ3000), except now it can capture 3D coordinates at much higher speeds ... 4300 times per second!

In addition, the VZ4000 has better optical filters which further cuts down ambient light interference resulting in even cleaner data. The improved Target Control Modules (TCMs) significantly boost the radio control reliability even in radio-noisy environments. With the laser etched, powder-coated housing, this new tracker outlook has been made more durable than ever.

The new capabilities of the VZ4000 also play crucial roles in the development of upcoming accessories and new applications.

Overall, the VZ4000 system has better technical performance and higher operational reliability while still maintaining backward compatibility with all software programs!

Each VZ4000 tracker features a thermal-cycled rigid carbon composite construction for permanent calibration accuracy and stability, with a lightweight aluminum shell. The elegantly designed aluminum tripod also doubles as a heavy duty protective case during tracker transportation.


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