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HD Flim Series "King of the Zombies"

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HD Flim Series
Film Title"King of the Zombies"
Production CountryChina
ThemeCostume, Action/Errantry, Crime/Thrill
Episode Length90'
Film DirectorPoom Man Kit, Chu Yui Pan
Cast ListLau Ka Fai, Man Chung Han, Cheung Chi Lam, Zhao Ke, Xie Ge, Yang Lin, Peng Bo
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

A Feng Shui expert, Master Shao came to the Post, claiming that Feng Shui could alter one's fortune. Lady Feng made a bet with him that Post man Ma would encounter a disaster soon, but Mater Shao explained that after the disaster, misfortune would leave Postman Ma, and things auspicious would come his way.

A shaman named "King of the Zombies" came and asked Lady Feng for the permission to store some corpses in the stable of the Post during the day, and said he would guide them (by turning them into zombies, and so the corpses could walk or skip on their own at night) back to their hometown for burial during the night. Master Shao found a very good and lucky spot, according to Feng Shui, as the new burial ground for Postman Ma's ancestors, so Ma could move the bones of his ancestors, so Ma could move the bones of his ancestors there. He asked Postman Ma to dig a hole for the coffins, and spend one night sleeping in one of them.

Postman Ma was awakened by the sound of the shepherding of the zombies, and saw that the shaman was leading the zombies to the valley, but then, they were transported away by a carriage. At that moment, Postman Ma was hit in the head, and passed out. When he came to, he found himself in the Post. Li told Postman Na that she had a vision of Ma being covered with silver pieces. Ma thought it was a bad omen that he would die soon.

Master Shao took Shi to the valley, and they found the footprints of the zombies to be very deep (zombies are supposed to weigh much less than men), and so they thought these are not corpses. That night, Shi and Lady Feng went to stop the shaman from guiding the zombies. All of a sudden, the corpses turned into real and living people, and all of them engaged in a fight. The shaman got away amidst all the confusion.

Postman Ma and Li found that the hole in the burial ground was filled with tributary silver for the court. The shaman arrived, and wanted to kill and bury the two. Master Shao came and battled against the shaman. Master Shao triumphed by disabling the shaman's ability to fight completely. Actually, Master Shao was rewarded by the court for breaking the case, and the Dragon Gate Post was granted an imperial placard in praise of their service.



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