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3D Animation "Adventures of Star Cat---Venturing in Starry Sky"【3D】

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3D Animation
Products Name"Adventures of Star Cat---Venturing in Starry Sky"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeAction/ Errantry
Episode Volume36
Episode Length12min
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2009

Time changes and moves on. 300 Years later, remains of Star Cat's Base was found on Heaven Star. Star Cat and his fellows sneaked into a spaceflight. When they were having fun, Darkness King turned up and turned all people into stones! Star Cat didn't know what to do. Suddenly in front of him appeared the message that Old Star Cat left for him. Star Cat and his fellows stared a wisdom war against follower of Darkness King, Little Dark Monster. Star Cat succeeded in starting the Super Spaceflight and flew into inner universe. They began to look for sprit light and energy that could beat down forces of Darkness King ----Star Cat Treasure. Star Cat and his friends found out four spaceflights respectively on Flame Star, Earth Star, Ocean Star and Gossip Star. The four were called Spaceflight 'Flame', 'Earth', 'Blue Waves' and 'Flurry'. Then they realized that the real treasure was the united strength from all. They worked together and defeated Darkness King and saved Heaven Star.



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