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2010 Animated Series "LEON" 【2D】

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2010 Animated Series 2010 Animated Series 2010 Animated Series 2010 Animated Series 2010 Animated Series
Products Name"LEON"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeScientific Education
Episode Volume344
Episode Length1'30"
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2010

"LEON" has seven series, which tells interesting stories of LEON and its friends.

"LEON---Bakeshop Joke Series" 42×1'30"

LEON opens a bakeshop on Drifting Island. Nagging Hen, SABON, brave and fierce crab, BLOO are working here. LEON has a beautiful but forceful girl friend. Funny stories happen among them.

"LEON---Sports Series" 28×1'30"

Olympic Games is held in Beijing in 2008. All China is in motion. LEON is reluctant to show weakness too. He does sports full of enthusiasm. Row a boat, run, play pingpong and so on. But he always gets hurt.

"LEON---Work Series" 31×1'30"

LEON goes to work too. Every morning, LEON either squashes the bus, or drives his private car, or his Electric motorcycle or takes TAXI...But surprises always occur on his way to work. Losing cell-phone, traffic accident, tyre burst...LEON meets many troubles and un-expecting things everyday.

"LEON---Public Welfare Series" 116×1'30"

Love the earth, protect the environment. That's the responsibility of every person. LEON thinks it too. Facing protecting the earth, he thinks a lot of strange ideas, solve the problems in funny and smart way.

"LEON---Love Series" 58×1'30"

LEON and his girl friend LEEONA eat, play together everyday. They lead a happy life on the Floating Island. But their life is always filled with ups and downs...LEON always does something that make LEONA angry...

"LEON---Olympic Games Series" 18×1'30"

2008 is our Olympic year, people throughout the country feel happy about this. LEON takes this chance and goes to the ancient time, over 100 years ago. Here, he leads spectators count anecdotes started from the first Olympic game.

"LEON Stage Play---Family Music Series" 33×1'30"

LEON and LEEONA begin to make a stage play. Different COSPLAY style and comedy scenes emerge in an endless stream. And their life under the stage is colorful too. But LEON's neighbor brings new problems to them. How does LEON deal with that?



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