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40-episode TV Drama "The Prince's Intelligent Clearance"【HD】

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40-episode TV Drama
Products Name"The Prince's Intelligent Clearance"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeCostume, Romance/City
Episode Volume40
Episode Length45min
Film DirectorGao Liqiang
Cast ListSun Yaowei, Cao Ying, Lin Xin-ru, Ke Shouliang, Shi Xiaolong
Dialogue LanguageChinese
Title LanguageChinese
Completed Date2002

In the Imperial City, Emperor Hanwu was appreciating his latest map of his dynasty, since he ascended the throne, he fought in the north and south, earning a brilliant military victory ---- expanded his border to extend for more than thousands of kilometers. The power of Han Dynasty was like the sun at the noon time, all neighbor countries were surrendered to Han, which made Han an unprecedentedly grand era. There was no such a junk-bond epoch with literary administration from the ancient to this dynasty, even if the Emperor of Qing Dynasty had no so illustrious achievement.

Emperor Hanwu was in the evening of his life now, so he couldn’t remove the internal solitude when he renewed his old memories ---- “when the destiny comes, no one can escape the end.”! How could one keep his dynasty last forever? When he was confused, a sudden light shined before him, an assassin broke into the door, with beaming fire around him. Before Emperor Hanwu saw it clearly, the sword had touched his neck …

Emperor Hanwu woke up with a start, covering with sweat. Though it was just a dream, he was quite alert in the upset.

In fact, the rumor of witchcraft had been popular in the capital city. So Emperor Hanwu doubted that somebody in the Imperial hall wanted to kill him by witchcraft, therefore he asked Jiang Chong to detect this matter. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chong went along with the treacherous court official Zhang Gan and one eunuch Su Wen in their evil deeds to frame the Prince. They said they had dug out a lot of small wooden people under the Prince’s hall.

On hearing this piece of news, Emperor Hanwu got into a rage to capture all the family of Prince and denounced his crimes. However, the Prince couldn’t stand their humiliation and committed suicide, later, all his family were killed. Officer Che Qianqiu understood that all the prince’s family was wronged. To protect his ancestry, Che secretly let go the Prince’s first wife, Wang Wengxu, who had been pregnant for several months. Soon after, she gave birth to a son, named Liu Xun, but she got mad and escaped from the prison, so two women prisoners were sent to feed the baby. In order to protect this boy, they changed his name as Bing Ji. It was a poor thing that little crown grandson had to experience the prison life just several days after birth, but his legendary life started from then on!



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