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UK Releases New Film "the Amazing Grace"

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UK Releases New Film UK Releases New Film UK Releases New Film UK Releases New Film UK Releases New Film
Movie Name'the Amazing Grace'
Production CountryUnited Kingdom
Theme TypeHistory Orthodoxy
Episode Volume1
Episode Length92mins
Film DirectorJeta Amata
Script WriterJeta Amata
Cast ListNick Moran, Mbong Odungide, Fred Amata

In 1748, at the height of the slave trading era, English trader John Newton sails to the coast of Nigeria, Africa. Daily life is interrupted with great force and brutality; homes and villages are burned as families are rounded up before being placed captive in dungeons to a wait the transatlantic crossing. As Newton sets assail with his new cargo of slaves, his ship is afflicted by a violent storm which almost takes his life. It is here that Newton is forced to re-evaluate his life. He attributes his miraculous escape to the amazing grace of God.

Newton’s sensibilities change following this experience, but it isn’t until he comes into contact with a particular captive that he decides to renounce the slave trade. Once home in England, in 1760, John Newton uses the melody of a local Nigerian anthem sung in adversity by the captured slaves to compose the world’s most famous hymn: Amazing Grace. Amata has created a fitting tribute to the slaves and the land that led Mr Newton on the path to redemption.


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