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30 Episodes TV Series" High Latitude Quiver"

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30 Episodes TV Series30 Episodes TV Series30 Episodes TV Series30 Episodes TV Series30 Episodes TV Series
Products Name" High Latitude Quiver"
Production CountryChina
Theme TypeAction
Episode Volume30
Episode Length45 min
Film DirectorGuo jingyu,
Cast ListLi xuejian,Wang zhifei,Li jiang

Taoligen was a small town of high latitude.

In a capital of a province of the high latitude, many people focused on the small town of Taoligen.

Lao Donglin, addressed by others as Master Lao, was a well known detective in the police. But just before his retire, he resigned and went to Taoligen.

Many people did not understand and others panic: Behind this action there seems to be a mysterious mission, and the mission made one quiver…

Shao Changshui was just transferred to the general office of the province. On the first day to his new post, he was assigned a “secret task”. To accomplish the “secret task”, he must firstly conquer a strong adversary: Master Lao.

The old and the young met in Taoligen. The old once was a hero among policemen, while the young was an admirer of the hero…

The deputy mayor shot one to dead then suicide in the prison. But the materials he left was lost: This material was forged! There was something wrong with the prison!”

Behind the pure face of a beautiful girl, it was a great puzzle: “Shao Changshui, do not report all you know to your officer!”

A big shot of the business circles with kind smile tried to cover up his crime: “It is the last time, after that we will stop!”

Avenger held a cold gun with his quivery hands: “Lao Donglin destroyed my whole family!”

There was a slight of perplex in the eyes of the powerful leader: “I find myself nowhere to hide!”

The conspiracy and the consequent crime: “You mean there are provocateurs in the general office?”

Comrade in the arms believed in each other absolutely: “I do not believe all of these were done by Master Lao!”

The miscreant showed true feeling at last: “I love you!”

A letter written in one’s blood: “Murder!”

And the pride of the tipstaff: “You think anyone can be a policeman?”

Snow was flying on the stage of high latitude...



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